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Chair Yoga (Senior Yoga)

Chair Yoga (Senior Yoga)

Maintain the ability move freely in general with a truly gentle, safe, and effective form of movement.


Bending down and teeing shoelaces, taking a book off the higher shelf, get on the bus with confidence.


With chair yoga, you can maintain your muscle mass and your balancing ability.


A positive mood and excellent mental health await you through asanas (yoga poses), meditation and breathing exercises.

In this class, yoga poses are modified to allow participants to perform all of the required exercises from a seated position.

Chair yoga is a gentle physical challenge that improves flexibility and range of motion of the joints thus functionality of the body can be preserved. The transition from one pose to another improves coordination, which is an effective safeguard against falls.

Safe and effective poses allow you to maintain muscle mass. The greater force also results in a better balance, which also reduces the risk of falls and injuries.

A smile and a good mood are guaranteed: yoga results in a positive mood and improved mental health. Meditation and breathing exercises learned during yoga classes are also effective tools in pain management.

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