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(Hatha) Yoga for Body-consciousness

(Hatha) Yoga for Body-consciousness

Get to Know Yoga for Body-consciousness

Class Structure

This class type is characterized by poses held for 5-8 breath cycles, which include standing, seated, supine and inverted postures (depending on the level of the students). The class begins with a short meditation, followed by asanas (yoga poses) and breathing exercises, and finally relaxation.


Through the yoga practice you can learn about the working of your body meanwhile moving, such as tilting the pelvis and its effect on the spine and posture, the movements of the shoulder blades and the protection of the shoulders in connection with it, and so on. You can tune in to the signals of your own body to keep in touch with your bodily sensations throughout the day.

Through the lens of physical exercise

  • Improving joints mobility
  • Balanced bodyweight training
  • Isometric strength and stretching simultaneously
  • Improvement of core muscles and balance

Thematic Sequences

The classes follow a variety of themes, such as hip-opening, shoulder-opening, balancing poses, circular and waving female yoga exercises, nerve-soothing forward-bends, emotional-releasing back-bends, and more.

Free breathing and movement

Yoga poses stretch the spine through which breathing gets deeper and breathing capacity improves. Yoga is a kind of movement that releases deep tension from the body, which makes your movement free and light.

Tools, preparation

  • Essential: Yoga mat (preferably with a good grip)
  • Extra: (Yoga) strap, yoga brick, stable chair, blanket or towel
  • Preferably come to class on an empty stomach and organize your activities in a way that you do not engage in strenuous physical activity before or after the class.

Movement, Breathing, Awareness

Hatha yoga is a comprehensive term that refers to thy kind of yoga that discovers (human) nature through the body. We start to improve ourselves with the body as it is tangible. Forward and backward bends, spinal twists, and balancing poses alternate to make the spine stronger and more flexible. On the one hand, yoga poses cleanse and detoxify the body, and on the other hand, through awareness of bodily sensations and breathing they help to achieve one-pointed attention, so it becomes a mindful movement.

"You are as young and healthy as your spine is strong and flexible."

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Meditation: a delicate balance of relaxation and concentration

We start the classes with a short, 10-15 minute meditation that helps us “arrive” to the class, both physically and mentally, to calm down and switch to a slower mode compared to the rush of everyday life. Meditation is an activity where we sit still and, following the soft voice of the instructor, relax our bodies, tune in to our breathing, and try to clear our minds. This creates a delicate balance of relaxation and concentration.

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We can experience a truly deep inner peace and through regular practice, we can get to know the working of our minds, which is an extremely useful skill for managing stress and emotions, and for giving better reactions to different life situations. In fact, the regular  practice of some form of mindfulness is a basic requirement for mental health nowadays.

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